Ningbo Jiatong Complete Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
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Ningbo Jiatong Complete Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. covers an area of 20000 square meters, with a plant area of 12000 square meters. It is a professional production base of Haibo plastic injection molding machines. It mainly produces dozens of plastic injection molding machines with injection volume of 150-4500g and clamping force of 1180-7800KN.
In order to further improve the management level of the enterprise, based on the ISO9002:1994 series quality system certification, the company...

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Unity innovation
Company since its inception, in line with "quality first, reputation first, price concessions, courteous service" the purpose of the geared to the needs of society and the masses of users. Is not only a company, provide us with the source of the work and life; And it is a career, bearing the us too much pursuit, hope and glory; Or a school to cultivate people, let us in the implementation in the development of self, perfect myself.
Resources will be depleted, culture is the only thing that will be endless. Spirit is energy into matter. The culture here, not only contains the knowledge, technology, management, sentiment... . Also includes all the intangible factors to promote the development of productivity.
Create perfect industry leading
In the company, culture is a kind of spirit, this spirit is the professional team and innovation. We tirelessly construction in frustration and failure of our cause, we rely on the collective struggle, we rely on the self innovation... We work in the heavy rain, we play in the rain, our military training in the storm... .
Culture is a kind of atmosphere. We in the five years to create a healthy atmosphere only positive, unity of atmosphere, each of us grow up healthily in the atmosphere, happy work, happy life. We are also in your own words and deeds to maintain this kind of atmosphere and applier. Company in the number of change, but the atmosphere remained unchanged... .
Deliver value to each other
Culture is a kind of power. Our company is a complete system of the company, but we have no culture for an organization behavior of amblyopia. Organizational culture is considered an important moral strength, sometimes even fundamental and decisive. So, we are always "leading military forces, culture". We rely on existing organizational culture choice, but also rely on it to influence people, change people, people.
Culture is the soul.
Company commitment: we will, as always, to "high quality, high efficiency, energy saving products and services to society, return customers return!See More >
Application Area
Electronics industry
Automobile industry
Electrical industry
Packaging industry
Medical industry
Cosmetics industry
July 10-13, 2020 Malaysia Plastic Exhibition
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May 27-30, 2016 Colzer International Plastic Exhibition, Poland
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